Monday, January 7, 2008

CES Insanity!

Well, things could not be busier here at the CES show in Las Vegas, where life is lived at the extremes -- 150,000 plump product reps wandering past exhibition booths crawling with 150,000 skinny models... all of whom smile broadly until you smile back at them. The blend of big bellies and pneumatic body parts is a bracing one.

I'll post impressions of the world's biggest tech-fest over the next few days but suffice it to say that the 'extremes' theme seems apt -- at one moment, I'm interviewing Bill Gates about his thoughts on philanthropy and technology (, and the next moment, I'm waiting about an hour for the Venetian Hotel's death-slow internet service to deliver my next post.

More on that soon. And more on the amazing news coming out of here in Vegas -- from 3mm-thin television sets (the future of TV is organic) to touch technology that will change the way we all interact with computers.

Stay tuned!